Lynzi Venn
Lynzi Venn
Hooking Marvellous

For anyone debating getting a website done by Ana, I want to say DO IT!!
I am pretty internet workings clueless.. I understand half of my Facebook page and IG and that’s it..
She has held my hand throughout, guiding through the entire process without making me feel stupid… quite the opposite.. she’s empowered me to step out and try more.. I now have an AMAZING website .. something way beyond what I could have achieved alone, and more!! She has done a training session with me so that in the first week, I learnt how to upload items and categories.. and understand the dashboard.. updating and backing it all up! She’s helped me understand SEO and how to highlight my products in the best way! I CANNOT thank you or recommend you enough Ana!

Andy Mills
Andy Mills
Adwords Expert

Well it’s not often I’m speechless and shocked, but I am right now. Just had a staggeringly good call with Ana Wilson – my word that lady is astoundingly good at what she does. Highly highly recommend her services. Thank you so much Ana, really appreciate it.

It’s been a great experience working with Ana. She has made me see things from a different perspective which essentially has made far more productive, profitable and happier. Great value for money. I would highly recommend Ana to anyone

Fiona Mensah
Fiona Mensah
Shomsa Creations

I think I top the chart when it comes to no tech skills. Ana is extremely patient and always makes me feel like I can do it! Love you Ana Wilson you rock!

Lindsay Rhodes
Lindsay Rhodes
The Hippie Dyer

I don’t think i’ve posted in here before, as i’m generally not around on my personal Facebook much, but i just had to come and thank Ana.
Earlier this year she helped me rebrand and also built me a website (which was no easy feat for her as i’m rubbish at technological stuffs, and i needed a lot of hand holding and general help and advice).
The website, and rebrand, have had such a wonderful response from my customers, though unfortunately there was a few problems a month or so ago, meaning that Facebook deemed my site unsafe.
Ana has worked so hard to firstly make my site safe again, and now to get Facebook to accept it as safe, after i had no joy at all.
Ana, you really are fantastic at what you do. You truly go above and beyond and are well and truly worth EVERY single penny. I love the fact that i get such a personal and friendly service, and that it’s obvious that you do your very best.
I seriously couldn’t do any of this without you.
Thank you.